About Us


Hi, and welcome to Curvy Belle!

My name is Louise King, and along with my husband and Business Partner David, set up Curvy Belle for one reason, to offer QUALITY dresses and styles to the more curvaceous of us girls with styles and dresses from a 14 to a size 26. We are looking to increase our size up to 28 in the coming weeks. 

At 5'7", and a size 18 myself,  I have for a long time realised that purchasing quality stylish clothes in were hard to come by. 

It is a known fact that that the average dress size in the UK, is a size 16. 

From experience, I know exactly how hard it is to find good, fashionable quality clothes for anyone, really above a size 14, I have always been the queen of sending stuff back when ordered online, due to size and quality not being what it says on the tin.! That again, is why I will only sell dresses that I love, and try all dresses on to make sure the sizes are true.

 So this is why we decided to set up our online boutique, that is aimed to provide quality dresses and products for us fabulous ladies, who are looking for unique figure flattering styles, and the dresses and accessories we have chosen, we feel are exactly that.

So basically, if we don't love our dresses, we don't sell them! 

David and myself set Curvy Belle up from our dining table to get Curvy Belle up and running and we are now at a position with our website, that we can offer quality fabulous dresses.  I have decided to model the dresses myself, to give a true insight to what these dresses look like on a curvy girl, not a size zero model!

We are a relatively small family run company, and want to give our customers the very best in our products and service, and aim to make sure you receive your products as soon as possible. 

Please feel free to drop us an email if you have any questions :)

You can reach us from 9-5 Monday to Friday and 10-4 at weekends at info@curvybelle.com


Thank you for stopping by and enjoy curvybelle.com :)


Louise and the Team  xx